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Another rifle that looks much like the Enfield Musketoon and would have seen action in South Africa during the period that include the First Anglo Boer War (1880 to 1881 ) is the Westley Richards monkey tail. Like the Snider and the Sharps rifles of the same period it fired a black powder paper cartridge with a conical bullet. In this case a 45 caliber.

A handy feature of this rifle that made it more versatile than any other breach loader of the time is that it could also be loaded as a muzzle loader. A very handy attribute that meant one could keep firing even when the cartridges were finished by simply loading it as a conventional muzzle loader.

Undoubtedly these rifles also saw action at aMajuba and the other 3 battles of the First Anglo Boer War at Potchefstroom, Laing’s Nek and Schuinshoogte (Ingogo).


Westley Richards carbine

The "monkey tail" carbine


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